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Make way for potential

Monday, 28 February 2022 16:10
Make way for potential

At Inspired Testing, André Barnard, Chief People and Culture Officer, is known for encouraging his teams to have a strong belief system, to have discipline, engage, to challenge and be challenged.

André describes himself as “…the custodian of the people, the values and the culture – I need to make sure we are a healthy heartbeat!”

Growing up in Benoni in the East Rand, and attending boarding school in what is now Polokwane, André Barnard always strived to work with people, cultures, and values. Appointed in March 2021, his position at Inspired Testing has allowed him to pursue these interests. Previously, André enjoyed working with athletes and sports teams to make way for their full potential. Energy and Encouragement are the superpowers that he brings to Inspired Testing every day.

André overcame many challenges in his own career. “I think what is more important is what got me through those challenges – Resilience. For the last 4 to 5 years, I’ve been unpacking what this means and how we can get better at grasping this skill and using it.”

“Resilience for me is not just about getting up and carrying on, it’s about being very clear why you get back up. Some days you won’t get up, but once you know why you’re in the place you are, it makes it easier to get up with even more energy.”

André is a content creator on the side, sharing his stories, experiences, and discussions about the human experience. “Video is far reaching and creative. It’s such an incredible platform to tell a story - and everybody loves a good story.”

With his passion for potential and growth, it’s no surprise that for André, technology is the future. Stepping into the industry allows for so many opportunities not just from range of the industry, but because the ever-improving nature of it allows people to create their own ideas and businesses.

“What’s Next is a statement of intent we drive as a value at Inspired Testing – as a reminder to keep searching for true potential, in yourself and all your opportunities,” says André.

We asked André what diversity and inclusion means to him:

“It means ‘Strength’ to me. It is critical with all the challenges the world has faced over the past couple of years that we as people, teams and organizations draw every ounce of experience from our people.”

“For me Diversity and Inclusivity particularly means that we get more comfortable with being uncomfortable, that we all get better at understanding each other, our beliefs, values and cultures, and that we view diversity and inclusivity as having a difference of opinion for a better outcome. A value of ours at Inspired Testing is ‘Collective and Reflective Wisdom’ – we all have a story or experience to share, we can all learn from each other, we must just stop to listen.”

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