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22-November-2021 CloudSmiths | Leadership in Sales: Why It’s Important and How to Cultivate It View More
18-November-2021 SixthUp | SixthUp Release the Recording of their Webinar ‘Top Cloud Security Threats’ View More
18-November-2021 DotModus | A short introduction to APIs: what are they and how do they work? View More
15-November-2021 DVT | The New World of Java View More
11-November-2021 DVT | Building Cloud Ready Microservices using Industry Best Practices (White Paper) View More
9-November-2021 DVT | UX/UI Design Tips: How to design for the frenzied user View More
9-November-2021 DotModus | ProTouch Cycling at Tour du Faso View More
9-November-2021 DotModus | Through Every Country in Africa with Ron Rutland View More
5-November-2021 DVT | A ready-made solution for the UK’s digital skills shortage along with the risks and costs of IR35 View More
30-October-2021 Diversity By Inclusion | Don’t let anything stop you from succeeding View More
25-October-2021 CloudSmiths | Overcoming Pricing Legacy Hurdles with CPQ View More
24-October-2021 DotModus | Cloud Migration: The Easy Way View More
22-October-2021 Inspired Testing | Inspired Testing successfully renews its ISO/IEC27001certificate View More
21-October-2021 SixthUp | SixthUp to Present a Webinar on Top Cloud Security Threats View More
17-October-2021 DotModus | Google Cloud Next ’21: Here’s What You Missed View More
17-October-2021 Dynamic DNA | These are the 6 most in-demand tech jobs that companies in South Africa are struggling to recruit for View More
13-October-2021 Inspired Testing | Inspired Testing @ Eurostar 2021: an online event to remember View More
13-October-2021 UpperSigma | How Dreamy was Dreamforce? View More
12-October-2021 DVT | 10 Things I’ve Learnt as a New UX Designer View More
11-October-2021 CloudSmiths | CloudSmiths and Salesforce Deliver Improved Client Delivery Strategy for Prescient Fund Services View More
11-October-2021 Dynamic DNA | Uplifting impact on a dynamic society View More
11-October-2021 CloudSmiths | The 6 Greatest Benefits of Salesforce View More
11-October-2021 CloudSmiths | The Standout Benefits of Salesforce for Financial Services and Advisors View More
11-October-2021 Dynamic DNA | The top IT skills that will take your career to the next level View More
9-October-2021 DotModus | Welcoming Suzaan Rossouw to the DotModus Sales Team View More
8-October-2021 DVT | The psychology in UX Design - Mental Models View More
7-October-2021 Inspired Testing | Keeping Up with the Updates View More
5-October-2021 CloudSmiths | Examining the Salesforce Talent Shortage in South Africa (and How to Fix It) View More
2-October-2021 DotModus | How to embrace a data-driven culture View More
31-September-2021 DotModus | What Is Data Modelling and Why Should You Care? View More
30-September-2021 UpperSigma | Matter Management in the Digital Age View More
30-September-2021 UpperSigma | The Cost of Inaction: Why Your Law Firm Needs To Be Using A CRM View More
25-September-2021 DotModus | Why companies are failing to turn data into value View More
21-September-2021 CloudSmiths | The Science of Sales: Solving Legacy Roadblocks to a Healthier Pipeline View More
18-September-2021 DotModus | Google Cloud Next ’21: Here are the talks we’re excited for View More
16-September-2021 CloudSmiths | MyTopDog and CambriLearn blaze a trail in personalised education View More
16-September-2021 CloudSmiths | The 5-Minute Guide to Pardot for Salesforce View More
15-September-2021 CloudSmiths | How Salesforce Is Adding Economic Value in South Africa View More
15-September-2021 SixthUp | Top 4 Cloud Security Considerations for Organizations View More
14-September-2021 DVT | UX Design: Using Grammar to Instruct Digital Experience View More
13-September-2021 Inspired Testing | Inspired Testing boosts Jimmy Choo’s online sales with new web performance audit service View More
11-September-2021 DotModus | Welcoming Michael Fairon to the DotModus Sales Team View More
10-September-2021 DVT | Microsoft Azure Solution Architecture Guidelines View More
9-September-2021 SixthUp | SixthUp Announces the Launch of 2021 Cloud Benchmark Survey View More
9-September-2021 CloudSmiths | CloudSmiths Financial Services Centre of Excellence View More
8-September-2021 DotModus | DotModus drives dynamic growth for SA Taxi View More
8-September-2021 DotModus | Why cloud computing is important for business View More
7-September-2021 DotModus | Welcoming Emil Raal to the DotModus Sales Team View More
2-September-2021 CloudSmiths | CloudSmiths and Salesforce grow SIZA’s Sustainability Vision View More
2-September-2021 DotModus | Reimagine how you work with DotModus: Workspace in 10 Days View More
2-September-2021 DVT | UX Design Considerations and Accessibility for Cognitive Ageing View More
1-September-2021 Inspired Testing | Inspired Testing to present new findings at AI Expo 2021 on how AI can supercharge software testing View More
31-August-2021 Inspired Testing | Inspired Testing appoints Bas Dijkstra to lead its international training academy View More
31-August-2021 Inspired Testing | Service delivery in the ‘new normal’ - Part 1: The Five Principles View More
31-August-2021 Inspired Testing | Service delivery in the ‘new normal’ - Part 2: Making the Change View More
30-August-2021 Inspired Testing | Our new tomorrow View More
27-August-2021 DVT | How to become a technical business analyst? View More
26-August-2021 SixthUp | Accelerating Brand’s Growth for a Leading Pharma Firm View More
25-August-2021 DotModus | Accelerate your journey to the cloud with DotModus: Cloud Migration Workshop View More
24-August-2021 CloudSmiths | Dynamic CloudSmiths technology cultivates agricultural sustainability View More
24-August-2021 DVT | Success with RPA in the new normal View More
22-August-2021 CloudSmiths | SEACOM connects a continent with Salesforce View More
22-August-2021 CloudSmiths | FreightGuard and CloudSmiths: Part and Parcel of a Salesforce Journey View More
21-August-2021 CloudSmiths | CaseWare Africa blazes a trail in fintech with Salesforce Customer 360 View More
19-August-2021 DigiRail | DigiRail comes out TOPS in GBRf Digital Transformation View More
18-August-2021 DotModus | Supercharge your legacy link with the cloud and DotModus: Legacy Link View More
17-August-2021 DotModus | Improve productivity and business operations with DotModus: Automate A Task View More
16-August-2021 SixthUp | US-based SixthUp gets investment from Dynamic Technologies View More
16-August-2021 DVT | The power of product and software development View More
15-August-2021 DotModus | Chatbot Boosts Student Wellbeing at University of Pretoria View More
11-August-2021 DVT | Getting maximum value from your cloud migration View More
10-August-2021 DotModus | DotModus: Data Discovery Workshop View More
8-August-2021 Upper Sigma | Vetting 100s of Channel Partners? Use This 4-Criteria Checklist to Speed Up the Process View More
6-August-2021 DotModus | DotModus Achieves Infrastructure and Data Analytics Partner Specialisations in Google Cloud Partner Advantage View More
3-August-2021 Dynamic Talent | Podcast: 702 World of Work – Branding for remote work View More
2-August-2021 DotModus | DotModus Demonstrates Data and Cloud Expertise with Google Cloud View More
31-July-2021 DotModus | DotModus Accelerator: Cloud in a Month View More
28-July-2021 DVT | The parallels between UX design and Philosophy View More
27-July-2021 Dynamic DNA | Future Leader Forum interview with Prudence Mabitsela View More
26-July-2021 DotModus | Digicloud Africa announced as Google Cloud Expansion Partner of the Year EMEA View More
26-July-2021 DVT | IT staff augmentation: balance your workforce remotely View More
23-July-2021 DotModus | Introducing DotModus Accelerators - Solutions to Accelerate Digital Transformation View More
22-July-2021 CloudSmiths | Dynamic Technologies gains velocity as CloudSmiths brings [Sales]force to group View More
19-July-2021 DVT | The ultimate list of UX design resources View More
16-July-2021 DotModus | Sponsor Update: ProTouch Cycling Team’s Wrap up of the UCI races in Turkey View More
15-July-2021 CloudSmiths | Building communities, making a difference View More
15-July-2021 DotModus | How does data analytics help businesses? View More
14-July-2021 CloudSmiths | Agricultural best practice benefits from cloud technology View More
8-July-2021 DotModus | How Google Workspace keeps users and organisations safe from security threats and abuse View More
7-July-2021 DVT | The importance of communication as a UX / UI Designer View More
7-July-2021 DVT | Dynamic Technologies and DVT windmill into Europe View More
5-July-2021 Inspired Testing | Inspired Testing taking final bookings for performance testing programme View More
2-July-2021 DotModus | DotModus ProTouch Cycling Team Update: Wrap up of the Volta ao Alentejo 2021 View More
1-July-2021 DotModus | Video: DotModus and SA Taxi - Keeping 15 million journeys running smoothly with Google Cloud Platform View More
29-June-2021 DVT | Benefits of Using South African Agile Teams for Software Development View More
29-June-2021 DotModus | ARIE Finance is expanding its banking services across Europe and the UK View More
28-June-2021 DVT | Software Development: Old Dog, New Flutter Trick. (Part 3) View More
23-June-2021 CloudSmiths | CloudSmiths and Aforza enable efficiency and expansion for Superfoam View More
23-June-2021 DotModus | DotModus Announced as Google Cloud’s Expertise Partner of the Month for May 2021 View More
22-June-2021 Inspired Testing | Acing an interview in the new normal View More
21-June-2021 DVT | Beyond Digitalisation: Navigating the New Normal View More
18-June-2021 Upper Sigma | How to navigate the Salesforce ecosystem not just this Father’s Day View More
18-June-2021 DotModus | What can Sport learn from other businesses in terms of data analysis? View More
17-June-2021 DotModus | What collaboration using Google Workspace will look like post-2020 View More
15-June-2021 CloudSmiths | How businesses are operating in East Africa in the midst of COVID-19 View More
15-June-2021 DVT | Digital Banking: Boost Your Customer Engagement with Backbase View More
14-June-2021 DotModus | ProTouch’s Calvin Beneke picks up third place at Joburg Classic View More
12-June-2021 DotModus | The truth about “The Cloud” View More
10-June-2021 DVT | Has software development become too complex? View More
9-June-2021 DVT | DVT, Backbase partner to improve banking customer experience with digital banking solutions View More
7-June-2021 DotModus | What does an Account Manager do in a tech company like DotModus? View More
3-June-2021 CloudSmiths | Future proof your business by building a digital workforce View More
2-June-2021 Inspired Testing | Inspired Testing announces Platinum Partnership for EuroSTAR 2021 View More
2-June-2021 DotModus | Dynamic Technologies connects mental health with bot and Dot View More
2-June-2021 DotModus | Introducing DotModus Consulting Services and Tracy Peach View More
1-June-2021 Inspired Testing | Inspired Testing appoints Ben Tyler to oversee UK delivery and professional services View More
31-May-2021 DotModus | Another great weekend of racing for the ProTouch team! View More
31-May-2021 Dynamic Talent | The Benefits of a Diverse Workforce – Part 3 View More
31-May-2021 Dynamic Talent | The Benefits of a Diverse Workforce – Part 2 View More
31-May-2021 Dynamic Talent | The Benefits of a Diverse Workforce – Part 1 View More
28-May-2021 DotModus | DotModus Announces Sponsorship of ProTouch Pro Cycling Team View More
26-May-2021 Inspired Testing | Web Performance Testing vs Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) View More
25-May-2021 Inspired Testing | Part 2: Simon Hearne – Why Web Performance Testing matters? View More
25-May-2021 DotModus | Faster, smarter healthcare with DotModus Health Insights View More
24-May-2021 Inspired Testing | Web Performance – What, Why, How of Core Web Vitals View More
20-May-2021 Inspired Testing | Continuous Integration – What Why How View More
19-May-2021 Inspired Testing | Software Testers - What Why How View More
18-May-2021 DVT | Mobile Development: Old Dog new Flutter trick Part 2 View More
18-May-2021 DotModus | DotModus Product Insights: leveraging AI to drive sales View More
17-May-2021 Inspired Testing | Futureproof your business with futureproof skills View More
17-May-2021 DotModus | Trifacta Quick Reads 5: Self-service data pipelines View More
14-May-2021 DigiRail | Signals go green as Dynamic Technologies gets on track with DigiRail View More
13-May-2021 DotModus | Are online collaboration tools really effective? Working alone, together with Google Workspace View More
12-May-2021 Inspired Testing | Inspired Testing wins coveted EMEA Partner of the Year Award View More
11-May-2021 DotModus | Audience segmentation and DotModus Audience Insights: The future of marketing View More
11-May-2021 DVT | Africa’s knowledge base gets the IT project done! View More
10-May-2021 DotModus | 3 more companies that are using GCP View More
7-May-2021 CloudSmiths | Salesforce sub-Saharan Africa Partner Awards announced View More
7-May-2021 Inspired Testing | Part 1: Simon Hearne – The What, why and how of Web Performance Testing View More
6-May-2021 Dynamic Talent | AI becomes even more integrated in the recruitment process View More
6-May-2021 CloudSmiths | Salesforce names winning sub-Saharan Africa partners View More
6-May-2021 DotModus | Introducing DotModus Insights Products View More
4-May-2021 Inspired Testing | Inspired Testing awarded Neotys EMEA award for 2021 View More
30-April-2021 Dynamic Talent | AI becomes even more integrated in the recruitment process View More
29-April-2021 DotModus | 4 Apps you use daily, powered by GCP View More
29-April-2021 Upper Sigma | Introhive and Upper Sigma Partner to Add Value to Shared Salesforce Customers View More
28-April-2021 DotModus | Trifacta Quick Reads 4: Predictive Transformation View More
22-April-2021 DotModus | Boosting the retail customer experience with AI/ML View More
21-April-2021 DotModus | Trifacta Quick Reads 3: Interactive data quality View More
15-April-2021 DotModus | 5 Common Natural Language Processing Examples View More
14-April-2021 DVT | Software Development: Common web application vulnerabilities and how to avoid them View More
14-April-2021 Inspired Testing | Why it pays to have your own Automation Framework View More
13-April-2021 DotModus | I Can’t Believe it’s not Human Part 2: #BakeAgainstTheMachine View More
12-April-2021 Inspired Testing | What is Software Testing? View More
12-April-2021 Inspired Testing | The top 5 reasons to test your website View More
11-April-2021 Inspired Testing | What are the 7 principles of Software Testing? View More
10-April-2021 Inspired Testing | 5 ways to test your website View More
9-April-2021 Dynamic Talent | DevCircles - Making the Circle Bigger Webinar Series View More
9-April-2021 Inspired Testing | What are the different types of Performance Testing? View More
8-April-2021 DotModus | How AI and ML can help retailers optimise inventory management View More
8-April-2021 Inspired Testing | What are the different types of Functional Testing? View More
8-April-2021 DVT | Mobile application development as a career – Where to start? View More
7-April-2021 DotModus | Using Google's chatbot technology to prioritise the mental health of students at UP View More
6-April-2021 DVT | Role of the Business Analyst View More
5-April-2021 DotModus | Trifacta Quick Reads 2: Optimised for the Cloud View More
1-April-2021 DotModus | Go Google Cloud for better SAP View More
31-March-2021 DotModus | Data Analytics in Action View More
31-March-2021 DVT | UX Design in Banking: What SpaceX can teach us about Product Design View More
29-March-2021 Inspired Testing | How to thrive as a woman in the tech industry View More
26-March-2021 Inspired Testing | Inspired Testing partners 4IR 4 HER to fast-track IT skills development in SA View More
24-March-2021 DotModus | Tackling fraud with AI and Machine Learning View More
24-March-2021 Inspired Testing | Inspired Testing appoints chief people and culture officer View More
19-March-2021 DotModus | A brief introduction to Imply View More
18-March-2021 DVT | How to pick the right technology consulting partner View More
16-March-2021 DotModus | Achieving Microsoft Gold Partner in Data & AI View More
15-March-2021 DotModus | Five powerful use cases for AI/ML in HR View More
11-March-2021 DotModus | Audience Insights: what is AI marketing and why it matters View More
10-March-2021 DotModus | Predictive maintenance: a low hanging AI fruit for manufacturing businesses View More
9-March-2021 Dynamic Talent | Corporate Gender Intelligence Event 2021 View More
8-March-2021 DVT | Mobile Development: Old dog new flutter trick View More
4-March-2021 DotModus | DotModus partners with Imply View More
2-March-2021 DotModus | 4 Google Workspace features that you need to know about View More
1-March-2021 Inspired Testing | Dynamic growth for Inspired Testing View More
26-February-2021 DotModus | Alyson’s Go Filesystem View More
23-February-2021 DotModus | Creating Africa’s first digital native bank. A webinar with ACBM, DotModus, DigiCloud Africa and Google View More
23-February-2021 DVT | DVT's Agrawal to present at Microsoft Ignite 2021 View More
19-February-2021 DotModus | How far is too far? View More
19-February-2021 DVT | DVT appointed to Digital Outcomes and Specialists 5 View More
16-February-2021 Dynamic Talent | 702’s Clement Manyathela interviews Candice Clark on “Using the services of recruitment agencies” View More
15-February-2021 Inspired Testing | Infocare automates software quality with Inspired Testing View More
15-February-2021 Inspired Testing | Inspired Testing appoints new Principal Strategic Consultant & Architect View More
12-February-2021 DotModus | What is a digital native business? View More
8-February-2021 DotModus | As seen in Forbes: Africa ACBM disrupts investment banking market View More
8-February-2021 Inspired Testing | How to get the best out of your teams View More
5-February-2021 DotModus | Experiment with me: Draw together with a neural network View More
4-February-2021 DotModus | Transforming retail with AI / ML View More
4-February-2021 DotModus | Written language and AI/ML: The intersection between humans and technology View More
3-February-2021 DotModus | Troubleshooting in Google Meet has been made easier View More
2-February-2021 UpperSigma | Marketing Cloud: What’s New? View More
1-February-2021 DVT | How to write your first Linux Kernel module View More
29-January-2021 DotModus | ICYMI: Nedbank has partnered with Appsflyer, a company that uses Looker View More
29-January-2021 DotModus | Experiment with me: Lo-Fi Player View More
28-January-2021 DotModus | Celbux revolutionses the world of money with Google Cloud View More
28-January-2021 DotModus | DotModus sees dynamic US expansion View More
28-January-2021 Inspired Testing | Rex Jones II – How I made the transition from Functional Testing to Automation – Part 2 View More
26-January-2021 Inspired Testing | Rex Jones II – How I made the transition from Functional Testing to Automation - Part 1 View More
26-January-2021 DotModus | ICYMI: How Spar International uses Trifacta to manage their data View More
26-January-2021 Inspired Testing | Change your mindset with Exploratory Testing View More
22-January-2021 DotModus | Bored? Google’s got you covered View More
20-January-2021 Dynamic DNA | Choosing the right Skills Development partner and tackling your BBBEE in 8 Steps. View More
20-January-2021 DigiRail | DigiRail appointed to Digital Outcomes and Specialists 5 (DOS5) View More
19-January-2021 DotModus | Working from home or living at work? View More
18-January-2021 Upper Sigma | Pardot and Zoom Integrated - The SSO Way! View More
15-January-2021 Dynamic Talent | The benefits of psychometric assessments View More
14-January-2021 DotModus | DotModus and i-10 win with FSA in the United Kingdom View More
14-January-2021 DotModus | Vivino and more use Looker for their data – here’s why View More
13-January-2021 DotModus | Racing to data monetisation in financial services View More
11-January-2021 DotModus | It’s 2021: Give your teams the workspace they deserve View More
8-January-2021 DotModus | I can’t believe it’s not human View More
7-January-2021 DotModus | Celebrating a local Trifacta legend View More
4-January-2021 DotModus | What Google’s Year in Search taught me View More
16-December-2020 DotModus | Tour of Britain and DotModus team up for 2021 View More
15-December-2020 Inspired Testing | Pioneering Automated Mobile Testing in the Cloud View More
11-December-2020 DotModus | Using ML to better the world View More
10-December-2020 Upper Sigma | Dreaming about Pardot, yes, that's a thing! View More
7-December-2020 CloudSmiths | Salesforce Signs Definitive Agreement to Acquire Slack View More
5-December-2020 Dynamic Talent | Attracting and retaining tech talent View More
4-December-2020 Inspired Testing | Understanding Software Quality Assurance View More
3-December-2020 Inspired Testing | Bas Dijkstra – Unit Tests and why we should care about them View More
29-November-2020 DVT | The Secret is in the Wings View More
29-November-2020 Dynamic Talent | How to match yourself to the right career View More
28-November-2020 DigiRail | User Adoption – The Achilles Heel Of Digital Transformation View More
23-November-2020 Dynamic Talent | Agile recruitment vital to the success of the Gig Economy View More
23-November-2020 DVT | Passion before pounds View More
19-November-2020 Upper Sigma | Dynamic shareholding adds up for Upper Sigma View More
18-November-2020 Dynamic DNA | Dynamic News September to October View More
18-November-2020 DotModus | DotModus + Hangar49 View More
13-November-2020 DVT | What Donald Trump can teach your company about Digital Transformation View More
12-November-2020 DVT | When is it a good choice to use Azure serverless functions? View More
12-November-2020 Inspired Testing | What Why How – Functional Testing View More
12-November-2020 Inspired Testing | What Why How – Exploratory Testing View More
12-November-2020 Inspired Testing | What Why How – Strategic Test Management View More
12-November-2020 Inspired Testing | What Why How – Outsourced Managed Testing Services View More
11-November-2020 DVT | Project Manager vs Scrum Master: A comparison of roles and key responsibilities within the field of Software Development Projects View More
10-November-2020 DotModus | Assessing your cloud readiness and planning a roadmap for the cloud journey View More
28-October-2020 Dynamic Talent | How to recognise and prevent burnout in ourselves and in our teams View More
23-October-2020 Dynamic DNA | Dynamic DNA launches entrepreneurship programme by IT-ONLINE View More
19-October-2020 Upper Sigma | Emile Van Den Berg - How to Grow and Expand a Salesforce Consultancy across Multiple Continents View More
14-October-2020 Inspired Testing | Eliminating the silent quality killers in your organization View More
14-October-2020 DVT | GAAP partners with DVT's Agile development team to deliver next generation POS product milestone View More
12-October-2020 Dynamic Talent | How to set an example for racial inclusivity View More
12-October-2020 Inspired Testing | UI Testing - Understanding the Automation Testing Pyramid (Part II) View More
12-October-2020 Inspired Testing | UI Testing - Understanding the Automation Testing Pyramid (Part I) View More
10-October-2020 Dynamic DNA | Dynamic DNA launches entrepreneurship programme View More
7-October-2020 Dynamic Talent | Remote International Hiring View More
6-October-2020 Inspired Testing | An inspired test for the Scouts View More
30-September-2020 Inspired Testing | Eliminating the silent quality killers in your organisation View More
29-September-2020 Inspired Testing | Understanding the Automation Testing Pyramid: API/Integration Testing View More
23-September-2020 UpperSigma | Accounting Seed London Office Joins Forces with Former Sage Financials Partners View More
22-September-2020 Dynamic DNA | Dynamic News Issue 02 July 2020 View More
22-September-2020 Inspired Testing | Unit Testing: Understanding the Automation Testing Pyramid View More
17-September-2020 Dynamic Talent | Find your purpose with Dynamic Talent and O School View More
17-September-2020 DVT | Company culture and its effect on employee performance View More
11-September-2020 Dynamic Talent | The biggest step(s) to pay equity View More
8-September-2020 Dynamic Talent | The gig economy View More
3-September-2020 Inspired Testing | Inspired Testing Academy set to launch in October View More
2-September-2020 DVT | Why your business should embrace RPA View More
28-August-2020 Dynamic Talent | Navigating skills demand and shortages in a tech-orientated jobscape View More
26-August-2020 Inspired Testing | Inspired Testing oversees major system upgrade for The Scouts Association during pandemic challenges View More
26-August-2020 Inspired Testing | Back to Basics: Using soft skills to improve Project Delivery in SDLC View More
24-August-2020 DVT | DVT partners with Automation Anywhere View More
24-August-2020 DVT | Dynamic appointment for DVT UK View More
21-August-2020 Dynamic DNA | Dynamic DNA partners with Huawei Cloud on launching digital learning platform View More
21-August-2020 Inspired Testing | Inspired Testing’s 9% recruitment disrupts the UK market View More
20-August-2020 DotModus | AI Expo Africa is here! View More
18-August-2020 CloudSmiths | Lance Hamel appointed as Head of Delivery at CloudSmiths View More
12-August-2020 Blue Pencil | Early childhood development critical for SA future View More
11-August-2020 Inspired Testing | Inspired Testing's 9% recruitment disrupts the market View More
6-August-2020 DotModus | Celebrating 10 newly certified team members! View More
6-August-2020 Dynamic Talent | Remote, together View More
1-August-2020 CloudSmiths | CloudSmiths wins Salesforce Ohana Award View More
30-July-2020 Dynamic Talent | Inner Thriving: Emotional Wellness at Work - #AfricaThriveLive View More
29-July-2020 DVT | DVT Appoints Karl Fischer as CMO View More
29-July-2020 DVT | How will WFH affect our ability to be Agile? View More
28-July-2020 Inspired Testing | Testing as a managed service – Part 2 View More
28-July-2020 Inspired Testing | Testing as a managed service – Part 1 View More
23-July-2020 Blue Pencil Consulting | Dynamic Technologies pencils in SNOW Adaptor for Africa View More
9-July-2020 Dynamic Talent | Coding with privacy – a hot topic for devs View More
9-July-2020 DVT | DVT appoints Jason Bramsden as MD for UK business View More
30-June-2020 DotModus | A job change during lockdown View More
29-June-2020 DotModus | Latest from Kivy View More
26-June-2020 Dynamic Talent | Raising the tech sector’s ceiling View More
25-June-2020 Inspired Testing | NEWS: Inspired Testing unveils new training academy View More
24-June-2020 DVT | Agile software implementations – Get back to the basics View More
23-June-2020 DotModus | How to write feature files for your automation tests View More
22-June-2020 DotModus | Creating better films with AI View More
18-June-2020 Dynamic DNA | Creative lockdown experience from Dynamic DNA View More
17-June-2020 Dynamic DNA | Dynamic DNA News June 2020 View More
17-June-2020 DVT | Post-pandemic, can working from home become the new norm for Agile teams? View More
4-June-2020 DVT | Working on a Team Project: Teamwork makes the Dream work View More
2-June-2020 Inspired Testing | Inspired Testing extends SA coastal resources with key executive appointment View More
29-May-2020 DVT | 5 key tips for designing and developing applications on Azure View More
29-May-2020 DVT | Is there a role for a business analyst in an Agile environment? View More
28-May-2020 Inspired Testing | Inspired arrangement for Virtual College View More
22-May-2020 Blue Pencil Group | Excellence, experience behind new appointment View More
12-May-2020 Blue Pencil Group | Blue Pencil Group names Madelise Grobler as CEO View More
28-April-2020 Inspired Testing | Inspired Testing welcomes Candice Coetzee as Head of Strategic and Specialised Services View More
23-April-2020 Dynamic Talent | WFH: How to make the remote working model work View More
13-April-2020 Dynamic DNA | Make a difference and Pay Your Device Forward View More
9-April-2020 DVT | #DVTWorkfromhome competition entries View More
23-Mar-2020 Dynamic Talent | ZAR 650 for a resource? Cost-effective recruitment in the time of Covid-19 View More
23-Mar-2020 Dynamic Talent | Your Covid-19 HR obligations View More
23-Mar-2020 Dynamic Talent | What you need to know about HR during Covid-19 View More
23-Mar-2020 Blue Pencil | Partnership agreement for ServiceNow Adapter View More
6-Mar-2020 Inspired Testing | Pushing R&D boundaries View More
28-Feb-2020 Dynamic Technologies | Join the Dots with intelligent HeadSpin View More
13-Feb-2020 Inspired Testing | Africa expansion on the 2020 radar View More
10-Feb-2020 DVT | When Agile implementations wobble View More
7-Feb-2020 Inspired Testing | Partnerships a key focus into 2020 View More
5-Feb-2020 Inspired Testing | Greg Naidoo spearheads recruitment drive View More
3-Feb-2020 DotModus | Flawless connected experiences with HeadSpin View More
29-Jan-2020 Inspired Testing | Partnering with Virtual College to squash virtual bugs View More
23-Jan-2020 Dynamic Technologies | Sparking up Events View More
23-Jan-2020 DVT Academy | Launch of Advanced Certified Scrum Master training View More
21-Jan-2020 DVT | DVTs Ngubane is new IIBA SA President View More
15-Jan-2020 DVT | Gold Level Microsoft Partner in DevOps View More
14-Jan-2020 Inspired Testing | Performance testing for digital transformation View More
12-Jan-2020 Blue Pencil Creative | e-learning and performance workshops View More
13-Dec-2019 Dynamic Technologies | Bold and punchy new offices View More
4-Dec-2019 Dynamic Technologies | Jimmy Choo gets a resole View More
19-Nov-19 Dynamic DNA | The 2019 Vision 2030 Awards finalists announcement View More
10-Nov-19 DVT | Is there a role for a business analyst in an Agile environment? View More
05-Nov-19 DVT | Longstanding relationship with UJ Academy for Computer Science and Software Engineering View More
18-Oct-19 DVT | BA Summit 2019 drives the need for business analysts View More
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