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Pour dedication into your work and success will follow

    13 Dec 2021
Pour dedication into your work and success will follow
Suzaan Rossouw has had an unconventional career path. Recently welcomed onto the DotModus team as an Enterprise Account Manager, she confidently describes herself on LinkedIn as a “global citizen and daughter of Africa: one-part lawyer, two-parts problem solver, one-part strategist, one-part creative, and whatever is left, is pure caffeine”.

Her journey in self-development highlights how the spirit of diversity and inclusion is not just beneficial for employers, but also employees.

Suzaan’s career began in university, where she thoroughly enjoyed the plethora of jobs she took on. She was a newsreader for her campus radio, editor of her faculty law journal, a member of the student executive council, a student facilitator, tutor and an exam marker. “I love getting involved in a mixed bag of things, I’m always game to learn! So if you have something exciting in the pipeline, I’ll most likely put my hand up to learn more! Looking back now, this is a reflection of how I’ve built my CV today; a synergy of skills!”

After completing her master’s degree in law, the start of her career saw her providing legal advice to globalised corporations in the environmental and mining industries. However, she soon realised she was ready for her next move and completed a postgraduate diploma in Business Administration from the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS). From here she pivoted and landed in the big corporate world.

Focusing not just on her day job, her side hustle has also played a big role shaping her future, Suzaan says: “In 2014, I was selected as one of South Africa’s 100 Brightest Young Minds (BYM), which is a 20-year-old, youth-run non-profit company that identifies and creates opportunities for talented young people in Africa with an interest in social improvements. BYM aims to connect Africa's youngest and brightest entrepreneurs and to create a space where they can meet like-minded individuals.”

Suzaan was elected to BYM’s board of Directors and served as board secretary for two terms. McKinsey & Co was one of the first to recognise her impact in the workforce gender disparity discipline, and she was promptly nominated, with 40 other women, for the Next Generation Women Leaders Award in 2018.

Suzaan continued to have an impact on the organisation; she served on the committee that selected the following year’s 100 new BYMs and was on the leadership task force for the organisation. Additionally, she served on the BYM Board of Directors from 2016, for three years.

At DotModus, she is a unique addition to the team, with a sound sense of the meaning of success in her life. “My definition of success is related to leaving a legacy or having an impact. My metric of measuring whether I’ve been successful in life or any task I’ve taken on is whether I have left a legacy I can be proud of; have my contributions had a lasting impact, would I be missed? I often use this definition as a yardstick to determine if I am ready to move on.”

Suzaan’s story is part of worldwide change that is seeing more women discover opportunities in industries once deemed closed off to women, in particular the technology industry. Stories such as Suzaan’s are undoubtedly influencing and inspiring other women to do the same. Ultimately hiring employees that have diverse backgrounds and diverse exposure, brings a wealth of knowledge to the workforce. This is the biggest asset any workforce can compete with!

Matt Chittenden, Sales Director at DotModus comments: “We can only afford to have the best players on the team. Our recruitment processes are rigorous, methodical, and data-driven using custom software and specialist skills. Well done, Suzaan, and welcome to my team!”

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