Embracing change: Finding a new career in CloudSmiths

Tuesday, 28 May 2024 10:56
Embracing change: Finding a new career in CloudSmiths

Pooja Lalloo is a Salesforce Consultant at CloudSmiths, a Dynamic Technologies group company. A talented and principled woman with a knack for helping others, Pooja wasn’t always set on the IT path. In fact, her passion from an early age was life sciences. She says, “My goal was to do something in health sciences, so I studied for a BSc in Biological Sciences, followed by honours in Molecular Medicine and Haematology. I then worked as a research assistant studying a rare cancer associated with HIV in South Africa.” This research paper went on to be published in a renowned medical journal. So why the change?

Pooja explains, “I quickly realised there isn’t a lot of opportunity in the field I was in. But as luck would have it, at the time I was coming to this conclusion, I was approached by a company looking for people to train to work in import and export. Then, thanks to my background in research, they felt I had the analytical and problem-solving skills to be a Salesforce Administrator in the tech team instead.” Pooja had found her niche and was very happy working with Salesforce, going on to lead a team of Salesforce administrators. Soon CloudSmiths approached her with an opportunity to head up the Salesforce Managed Services team, and she jumped at the chance.

Now, having moved into a Salesforce Consultant role, Pooja is improving her technical skills and working closely with her clients to ensure she implements and optimises Salesforce products in an effective and scalable way. Her role is to understand her client’s business and recognise their specific needs, and then set up and configure the solutions that best meet those needs. “I look at things from a different perspective and this allows me to offer diverse solutions and identify different ways of working,” she says. She also helps with testing and provides training and guidance to ensure that the client can use their Salesforce build effectively and efficiently. She says, “I’ve learned a tremendous amount since I decided to take the leap and move into a different career trajectory, and I have not looked back.”

The support from CloudSmiths made this transition a smooth one, and Pooja says, “The guidance and advice provided by the recruitment team, senior management, and consultants have helped me learn and grow quickly. I am so grateful for everyone’s willingness to share their knowledge of both business and the technical aspects.” Continual learning and growth is a culture that is encouraged by CloudSmiths, and this includes helping their employees find the right career path, take on leadership roles, and advance personally and professionally.

Deciding on a career change, particularly one of this magnitude, is not easy, and it can come with a lot of anxiety and self-doubt. But for Pooja, the rewards have been significant. “Doing something that I love is important to me, and so rewarding. Being brave and taking calculated risks is an important part of life – it allows you to learn and grow as a person. It sometimes comes with failures, but that’s part and parcel of the journey.”

One of the things Pooja loves about her new career is the chance to do something or learn something new every day. “The tech industry is constantly evolving,” she explains. “It’s important to try and stay on top of things to stay relevant and in the loop, and things like certifications help with this. They also help to equip me with the skills needed for career advancement.”

Her advice to those considering a career change is simple. “Do it for the right reasons. Really look at your background, your skills, and your personality to determine if you will fit into the industry. Do your research before taking the leap to determine if the change will be worth it for you. Everyone is different, and what may be fulfilling and rewarding for me may be different for someone else.”