Finding the right path at DVT

Tuesday, 23 January 2024 07:38
An aspirational journey of personal and professional development with Inspired Testing

Megan Greyling is a Junior UX Designer at Dynamic Technologies group company DVT. She didn’t start out in the tech industry, though. At 19 she was studying Textile Design at Tshwane University of Technology, and 11 years later she found herself unfulfilled in her job in accounting. She had spent several years exploring various fields and still hadn’t found her niche, but she never gave up. Then, she took a course in User Experience (UX) design, and she says, “In October 2021, I discovered my true passion, taking a course that revealed an unexplored world. Recognising the potential to apply my background in textile design, I was captivated by UX/UI design, solidifying my decision to pursue this as my desired career path.”

In her role at DVT, Megan uses her background in design by creating visually appealing and user-friendly interfaces through elements like buttons, icons, and layout. She focuses on enhancing overall user satisfaction by improving interaction efficiency using a tool called Figma. She says, “DVT’s inclusive and collaborative culture fosters a positive work environment, encouraging knowledge-sharing and creating a sense of community.

Megan was introduced to the DVT Graduate Programme and says, “The UX design program, tailored for graduates in design or related fields, provided me with a strong foundation in design principles. The hands-on projects, guided by experienced mentors, simulated real-world experiences, and prepared me for the professional standards of the design industry. Additionally, the programme offered valuable opportunities for networking and staying updated on industry trends through workshops and lectures.”

Megan credits her mentor, Jamie Chisholm, with helping her find her path, while providing valuable guidance and feedback. She says, “Learning from professionals offers insights into navigating the industry and helps you avoid many common pitfalls. Having a mentor fosters accountability and provides motivation, affording reassurance and validation based on their expertise.”

For Megan, her newfound satisfaction comes not only from finding work that stimulates and interests her, but also from working for a company she respects. “Working for DVT means embracing a culture that values collaboration, where hands-on experience is nurtured, and learning from seasoned professionals becomes the cornerstone of success.”

Switching careers at 28 was a significant shift that brought both challenges and opportunities for Megan. She explains, “It involved revaluating my skills, pursuing new knowledge, and adapting to a different professional landscape. While it required determination and a willingness to learn, especially with the struggle with Imposter Syndrome, the experience ultimately opened doors to a more fulfilling career path in User Experience design, aligning with my passion and providing a fresh start in the professional world.”

Change can be daunting, but the benefits more than make up for the challenges. “I take pride in my decision to change careers,” says Megan. “I have experienced significant personal and professional growth as a result of my choice, and this journey has boosted my confidence, allowing me to become proficient in my craft.” It was a worthwhile journey that ultimately allowed her to align her creative background with a field that interests her, while also providing the opportunity for constant learning. She adds, “DVT’s values of collaboration, inclusivity, and support added significance to this meaningful professional path.”