How technology is changing lives at CloudSmiths

Friday, 14 June 2024 07:25
How technology is changing lives at CloudSmiths

At CloudSmiths, a Dynamic Technologies group company, technology is welcomed as a bringer of change – both large and small. Embracing a remote work culture that includes in-office, hybrid, fully remote, and on-site work situations, technology has changed the way CloudSmiths’ employees do business. As a technology consultancy, the services, technologies, and partnerships in the CloudSmiths stable can all bring change, within both the human and business aspects. This is something Phil Malcolm, Executive Head EMEA at CloudSmiths, is well aware of.

Phil’s core role at CloudSmiths is to grow their customer base and revenue in EMEA, UK and Ireland. He explains, “We sell, integrate, set up, and configure technology platforms such as Salesforce, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure, and we have our own proprietary machine learning and AI applications. I also support our brilliant marketing and products teams.” Phil has always been drawn to the relationship and trust that customers have with the CloudSmiths team, so building on that is important to him. Naturally, he uses technology to help him do so.

A fully remote worker based in Ireland, Phil travels regularly around Europe, the Middle East, and to CloudSmiths’ HQ in South Africa. And it is technology that allows Phil to interact with clients and colleagues across the globe. “Our workforce comprises individuals and teams across the UK and Ireland, the Middle East, the Mediterranean, and Africa, so cross-team collaboration and engagement is critical to our continued growth and culture. CloudSmiths is a flexible workplace environment and it pushes hard to involve everyone.”

One of the best life-changing attributes of technology is what it has brought to the work-life balance. Phil says, “My main motivation in life is my son Callum. He is seven years’ old, and I try to soak up as much time with him as possible. We do a lot of outdoor activities together that include forest walks and surfing, and we both play rugby for the same club. It’s important for me to share these experiences with him. We love to travel as well, so any opportunity to head away or take the camper van out, we take it.”

For Phil, technology is all about change. One of its most important aspects, he believes, is technology’s ability to positively impact their clients’ businesses as well as the lives of the people involved in those businesses. He says, “I like to think of technology as a change capability for any business or organisation. I love Salesforce and Google as platforms, but truthfully there are so many technology providers out there that can offer real value to their customers. Asana and Snowflake are just two of many that we see real value in.” He adds, “The technology industry is changing so fast, now more than ever, which is one of the main reasons I love working within it. You have to continue to challenge yourself and the status quo, which keeps you on your toes. This constant growth is my main driving force. This growth obviously had a big impact on our customers and their customers, so knowing that the projects they are working on have a day-to-day impact on society and will improve their life is a real bonus.”