Dynamic DNA: Developing the youth and creating future leaders

Friday, 24 May 2024 09:01
Dynamic DNA: Developing the youth and creating future leaders

Bongani Gadlela is a Business Unit Manager at Dynamic DNA, a Dynamic Technologies (DTH) group company and an ICT training academy accredited with the MICT SETA. Dynamic DNA works closely with several other DTH group companies, providing skilled graduates for positions within these companies, running training programmes in partnership with them, and delivering on-site training.

Bongani, who has as one of his life mantras, Steve Jobs’ suggestion to: ‘Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected,’ has a passion for teaching and preparing youngsters for successful careers as well as a grounding in the sciences, which together make him a natural when it comes to the role of trainer and mentor at Dynamic DNA. Bongani has a BSc in Computer Science and earned his international certifications in ISTQB, Agile, and Mobile testing through Dynamic DNA before being offered a chance to work with them.

Bongani works closely with Inspired Testing, which is another DTH group company and one of Dynamic DNA’s most valued clients. Dynamic DNA is the third-party training provider for the Inspired Testing Academy and offers Inspired Testing delegates a selection of learnerships and corporate training programmes. This partnership is a strong one that aims to make a real difference in the lives of graduates and delegates.

Bongani works at the Inspired Testing Academy and as a corporate trainer for the company. He trains his students in a variety of technical skills, including system development (Java), web development (CSS, Java Script, Python), software testing (Java Selenium), cloud computing (Azure), Jira, Agile, database management, and project management.

Crucially, it’s not only about technical skills, though. One of the most important parts of Bongani’s job is to help delegates with those soft skills that are needed to succeed in a corporate or business world. He explains, “I want to equip all our delegates with modern skills and help them bridge the gap between industry and institutions of higher learning.”

Bongani’s enthusiasm for teaching and creating change is inspiring. He says, “I believe in the importance of developing the youth in our country, and I am motivated to continuously strive for excellence in the workplace, which in turn means that I am continually striving for excellence in our youth.”

Bongani adds, “It’s my job to identify and nurture young talent, and to assist with upskilling those talents as they progress through their careers. It makes me proud to know that, with my help, they are ready, relevant, and can meet the demands of the industry. Of course, I also want to inspire delegates to write clean, manageable, and reusable code!”

Training and development of this nature can be life-changing for young people looking to succeed in the IT space. It can improve their employability, provide them with skills that are scarce in the country, and also ensure they are equipped with essential soft skills such as time management, conflict resolution, and workplace behaviour. Through mentorship and coaching, leadership skills are also imparted.

This is equally beneficial to employers of graduates and delegates who have received this training. Taking on employees with a holistic range of soft and technical skills can help a business grow organically, and credit-bearing courses will culminate into more points for the employer’s BBBEE scorecard.