Taking the 4th Industrial Revolution to Her with Dynamic DNA and Inspired Testing

Monday, 23 October 2023 16:59
Taking the 4th Industrial Revolution to Her with Dynamic DNA and Inspired Testing

Prudence Mathebula with 4IR 4HER students Thandiwe Masuku, Julia Kabelo Motloutsi, and Sindiswe Fortunate Sepeng.

Dynamic DNA, a Dynamic Technologies group company, is committed to changing the lives of South African women while bolstering the numbers of skilled workers in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry. 4IR4HER is the brainchild of Dynamic DNA Founder and Managing Director Prudence Mathebula. For Prudence, the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution for Her’ movement came about due to the critically low number of women in the ICT industry. 4IR4HER is an initiative aimed at empowering women to enter the field of technology. The advent of the fourth industrial revolution will bring about both negative consequences, such as job displacement, and positive opportunities for the creation of new jobs. The demand for new and better skills is growing, and the ICT industry is currently facing a significant shortage of skills, even before we start to consider the rising demand for new roles. This presents a positive opportunity to include more women in the industry through a movement like 4IR4HER.

Under Prudence’s leadership, 4IR4HER advocates for the upskilling of women in specialised areas unique to the fourth industrial revolution. Dynamic DNA’s 4IR4HER accelerator packages, designed to support, train, and fast-track women into 4IR-related job roles and businesses, include both SAQA credit bearing Skills Development Professional (SDP) short accredited programmes, along with internationally recognised certifications. The technologies covered include Cyber Security for CompTIA and Microsoft systems; Python, Microsoft, and Ruby programming; Microsoft and AWS DevOps; Oracle cloud computing; and GoogleAI and AWS machine learning – to name a few.

Prudence says, “We aim to train and equip 10 000 females with ICT skills which will lead to job creation and employment opportunities within the next five years.” She adds, “The fourth industrial revolution represents a new era of technological innovation that will enhance the relationship between humans and machines, unlock new market opportunities, and drive global economic growth. Digitalisation skills are crucial for ensuring that young people, especially women, can participate in global opportunities as 4IR gathers momentum.”

Dynamic DNA are actively looking for partners to join them in the programme, with companies such as Inspired Testing already on board. Inspired Testing is supporting 4IR4HER for the third year in a row, including financial contributions and vital hardware donation that included 23 monitors and 41 tower desktops, enabling more young South African women to enroll in the programme.

“We are proud to support 4IR4HER’s mission of empowering women to enter careers in technology,” says Inspired Testing’s COO, Lucas Scheepers. “At Inspired Testing, we believe that by investing in women’s access to career opportunities in technology, we are fostering an environment where diverse perspectives and talents can thrive, leading to a brighter future for all.”

Prudence adds, “Inspired Testing's unwavering commitment to 4IR4HER is deeply appreciated. We are so grateful for their invaluable support in furthering our mission of enabling women to pursue careers in the field of technology. They have aligned themselves with our cause and have become an integral part of the transformative movement we seek. Together, we possess the potential to transform the future!”