Empowering and celebrating women in tech with Dynamic Technologies

Wednesday, 30 August 2023 10:07
Pawsitive Care App developed by DVT’s Nicole-Lee Scholtz.

From left: DVT Senior Scrum Master Thando Malinga and CloudSmiths Salesforce Developer Kendra Riddle

The Dynamic Technologies group has a strong focus on diversity and is dedicated to breaking down obstacles and boundaries to create workplaces that are inclusive and foster a sense of belonging, with equal opportunities for all.

Women’s Month in August each year provides an extra opportunity for Dynamic Technologies group companies to celebrate strong, dynamic, and exceptional women in tech.

CloudSmiths launched a Tech Spotlight series to showcase the depth of talent and diverse skills of their female employees. These aspirational and inspirational stories can help motivate and direct other women looking to take on a career in technology and inspire those looking to make a change later in life.

DVT has recently collaborated with Pink Codrs Africa and GirlCodeZA for their Women’s Forum Webinars, and hosted a She Can Do and stub networking event, in order to support, encourage, and foster support for women in tech. These webinars and events are vital networking opportunities that connect aspiring young women with industry leaders, role models, and mentors in their field.

Inspired Testing continues to support 4IR4Her and recently donated 47 tower desktops and 23 monitors to help improve access to careers in technology for disadvantaged young women in South Africa. The 4IR4HER initiative aims to upskill unemployed women and create a pathway for them to enter the ICT industry.

Salesforce Developer Kendra Riddle believes that as the tech industry continues to grow and evolve, women are steadily making their mark and helping to shape its future. Ultimately, the meaning of being a woman in technology will vary from person to person, but it is an exciting and dynamic field with endless possibilities. The technology industry is evolving, and the role of women in shaping its future is becoming increasingly important. She says, “When I reflect on the recent history of women in our industry, I feel like there is a responsibility that comes with being here. Ironically, I feel like I can fill so much more space in the room. It’s awesome, it’s challenging, and it’s empowering.”

Senior Scrum Master at Amplify Health Singapore, Thando Malinga, recognises that working for a company like DVT is empowering. She says, “DVT values inclusivity and diversity, creating a workplace where every employee feels respected and valued. This diversity of thought enriches the work experience and fosters creativity and innovation.” She adds, “Many organisations, including DVT, are actively working to address gender imbalances and promote greater representation of women in leadership roles. Initiatives such as mentorship programmes, diversity recruitment efforts, and inclusive company cultures are helping to create more opportunities for women to achieve this level of leadership.”

Thando believes that many organisations and industry leaders are actively advocating for diversity and inclusion. Diversity hiring programmes, providing mentorship to others, and outreach efforts are helping to attract a broader range of talent to the tech industry. This something the Dynamic Technologies group takes to heart.

Globally, tech companies such as DVT, CloudSmiths, and Inspired Testing are placing a greater emphasis on diversity, creating inclusive and welcoming work environments that provide opportunities, support, and encouragement for all. This inclusive outlook is ensuring that not only are women and other groups becoming increasingly represented within the world of tech, but it also means that these companies are able to draw their talent from a progressively wider and more comprehensive pool – and that’s great news for everyone.