Welcome to our new Home!

Dynamic Technologies has moved to new premises in Rosebank

Dynamic Technologies has moved! This milestone development in the journey of our business saw our Johannesburg offices move from Hyde Park to Rosebank on 4 February 2019. Our new home is based at 2 Venus Street, Melrose Estate, c/r Venus and Glenhove.

“As the original founder of the group, this move fills me with excitement. We have long needed to have a home that reflects our size, reputation and growth trajectory. This new stand-alone building will be a great place to work, a venue to hold our own events of up to 350 people at a time, and a home that can accommodate future growth and expansion.” - Chris Wilkins, CEO, Dynamic Technologies.

The Dynamic Technologies Group has grown from strength to strength since the original company DVT was established in 1999. Then, our team consisted of 2 people and we had one office in the old Safmarine Building in Wale Street in Cape Town. Now, Dynamic Technologies comprises ten group companies employing over 1 000 staff, and five offices, in London, Johannesburg, Pretoria (Centurion), Cape Town and KwaZulu-Natal.

Together, our group companies offer our clients a multitude of world class technologies, custom software, tailored solutions and specialised services. Skills development and training form an integral part of our group.

“It is because of the quality of people in our business that we are able to talk about our growth trajectory”

Chris Wilkins, CEO, Dynamic Technologies

Fact Box - Dynamic Tech House

Address: 2 Venus Street, Melrose Estate, 2196
Total space including parking: 5 000 m²
Total office space: 3 000 m²
Special features: Triple-volume foyer; a massive roof garden; 3 boardrooms; state-of-the-art training facilities with in-house catering facilities.
Green elements: LED lights; on-off movement sensors for certain lights; heat reflective glass throughout building; 48 hours back-up water supply.

Follow our journey…

May 2018

Early beginnings! Site construction is underway. Ground excavations have taken place, the foundation has been laid and the supporting pillars of the basement and building are in progress. You can see the site construction management team on one of their many regular visits, massive cranes moving concrete slabs and plenty of activity on the ground. Construction experts Farquharson, Echo Project Managers and office fitout specialists Tetris are running the project through to completion, liaising at every step of the way with the architect and other experts and professionals, and a dedicated Dynamic Technologies team headed by COO Vaughan Diedrick. Once completed, the building will comprise 3 000 m² office space, with a total area including parking bays of 5 000 m².

June 2018

We see a massive change! The first portion of the ground floor foundation ‘pour’ has been completed and the second pour is underway. Instead of red earth, we’re seeing the beginnings of a building taking shape. The aircon ducting is also started at this stage, because a portion of it runs underneath the foundation (called the ‘slab’ by those in the know). The basement parking area is identifiable and we start seeing the shape of the building, with what will become its signature front façade curve that is visible from Glenhove Road. Brickwork starts in the second week of July. The ground floor of the building is level with 6th Street, while the basement is one below street level. The first and second floors lead into the roof, which has a cafeteria, a roof garden and an enclosed area of around 350 m². This indoor/outdoor area is bound to prove highly popular with staff. The entrance of the building is off 6th Street, which is at a right angle to Glenhove Road. At this point, the building is still a shell in the early stages of construction, and there is plenty of excavation and wetworks taking place. We can see all the plastic sleeves on the ground that demarcate water, sewerage, data and electrical connections. The electrical floor boxes are built into the ground, which eliminates the need for power poles in boardrooms and meeting rooms. These floor boxes can accommodate cabling and wiring for TV, data and power, providing a neat, efficient solution. The goal now is to hand over the completed ground floor to Tetris on 1 September 2018 for interior fitout to commence. The first-floor handover to Tetris is due on 1 October 2018, and the second-floor handover is due on 1 November 2018. This means that Tetris can proceed while Farquharson is still busy, albeit in different areas of the building. Echo Project Managers ensures that each section of the building is handed over to Tetris as a weathertight, dust-free envelope, even if it rains.

August 2018

The triple volume space of the main foyer can be clearly seen now, and it’s going to make a stunning first impression once complete. The data and electrical trays have been installed, and the first big aircon units are in, still wrapped in plastic to protect them while construction continues. The plastering team is very busy now and when the plastering is done, the aluminium frames of the windows will be installed, and thereafter the glass. This is when smoke detection units are also installed. A staircase situated towards the back of the building provides an alternative route for staff, to keep foot traffic on the main staircase in the foyer area at manageable levels and also to give staff access to the roof garden. There are also two lifts in the main building servicing the basement and floors 1, 2 and 3, so staff won’t have to wait long during peak hours. One of the building’s design features is open space, with plenty of glass for natural light to come in. All the glass has been treated with a special glazing to reduce heat build-up from the sun, which is also an important environmental feature, as it will minimise air con usage. In addition, every roof is insulated, which will keep the interior warmer in winter and cooler in summer. The building also features a 48-hour water storage tank for back-up water in the event of water outages in the area. The basement is well ventilated, with plenty of natural light and well lit for those who work late in the evening – this will not be a dark, damp basement. To assist with depth perception – essential for good basement navigation - bands have been painted on all the basement columns. Our new building is looking really good, with the first-class teams of workers being recruited by Echo Project Managers and Farquharson ensuring that exacting standards are reached.

September 2018

The building’s signature front façade curve is taking shape. Constructed from a special steel frame to create the swish, it will be cladded with a high-quality ceramic tile-like product for a sleek, streamlined finish. The roof garden is also well underway, with spectacular views across the city. The ground floor has now been handed over to Tetris for the internal fitout, while construction of the second and third floors, building façade and roof continues. It’s a smart and clever way of working, where the interior fitout and the exterior construction continues in tandem, without the teams getting in each other’s way. Tetris is busy with interior partitions, ceilings, network cabling and ceilings, to name but a few, working according to the spec as agreed with the Dynamic Technologies project team. The amount of detail in the internal fitout is incredible. The order of work is ceilings, walls and then floors, to eliminate dust and damage. The entire site is organised, with the various teams from different companies all understanding and fulfilling their roles. There is good energy on this site!

October 2018

It’s very exciting seeing how much progress has been made! One of the best things about our new building is the attention to detail, with the aim of creating a great working environment. The sample colours for the exterior are in the process of being chosen - charcoal, beige and white, in a finely textured paint to give a slightly rough, subtle textured finish. This is better for waterproofing and much easier to maintain than a smooth finish. The exterior lighting is due to be done soon, and a galvanised steel frame that will become a beautiful curved façade on the building is due to be put up soon. The frame will be cladded in a semi-transparent tile specifically used for façade cladding. Meanwhile, the exterior balustrades are a combination of glass and steel, and glass and aluminium, for three different areas on the building. All will have a frameless look. The big crane that has been present since the beginning has been taken down.

November 2018

Security is an important feature of the building. This includes a containing wall that surrounds the entire building, fulltime security and biometric (fingerprint) access control. The biometric system has been ordered and enrolment of biometrics for staff will begin soon. The building branding and signage are in the process of being approved, and shopfitting manufacturing has begun. The basement and gatehouse will be completed at the end of the project, and the perimeter wall and steel fencing will also be finished near the end.

December 2018

Group companies are enrolling their staff for biometrics, and schedules of moving day are being sent out. The power supply, telephony and fibre are in the process of being installed. Floor finishes and shopfitting takes place during December, with equipment, fixtures and fittings that have been manufactured now ready to be fitted. The building is nearing completion and it’s looking amazing!

January 2019

The big move is coming up and staff at various group companies in Johannesburg are preparing to make the new offices home on 4 February 2019, with plenty of packing and sorting out being done! The building is almost complete and there is much excitement in the air!

Visitors parking in front of the building will be shared by all six companies occupying the building. Parking for staff is allocated to companies, but not to individuals, and will be used on a first come, first served basis. Parking bays for each group company are clearly marked with the relevant branded signage.

Onwards and upwards to Dynamic Tech House!

1 February 2019

It’s the Friday before Dynamic Technologies’ group companies staff move in on Monday 4 February, and the building is a hive of activity. Cleaning crews, maintenance teams, electricians, IT, interior décor experts, representatives from group companies – probably 150-200 people on site doing final preparations for Monday, when all staff arrive for their first day at Dynamic Tech house. There’s much to do, but the team from DTH Services – who managed the move from an internal perspective – are confident that all will be ready for Monday.

First Day - 4 February 2019

Our move has finally arrived! First day in the new building and there are many smiles as the group companies settle into their respective spaces. The building is looking absolutely amazing – the work carried out on Friday and over the weekend has added polish and finishing touches in readiness for today’s occupation. Most staff are already working, and productive energy is in the air. While the roof garden is still in progress, the most beautiful array of plants have already been planted and this area is expected to be completed by March. Each group company has chosen their own décor and furniture, within a range of colours, creating unique spaces that still blend harmoniously to create a pleasing whole. We can’t wait to welcome our clients, trainees and all visitors to Dynamic Tech House!

Welcome to Dynamic Tech House!

Our stunning new offices covering a total 5 000m2 have ample basement parking for staff and visitors, two levels of office space and a roof garden with panoramic views. With top class training facilities, a beautiful, double-volume reception area and room for growth and expansion, Dynamic Tech House promises to provide everything we require - and more. Situated in the sophisticated cosmopolitan business and residential suburb of Rosebank, we are minutes away from the Rosebank Gautrain station, on the taxi route and close to the M1N/M1S highways. Rosebank is home to a plethora of businesses, restaurants, coffee shops, shopping malls, hotels, movies and medical facilities, and is conveniently located halfway between the Joburg city centre and Sandton. This upwardly-bound area is a perfect location for the Dynamic Technologies group.

Watch this space for more updates!

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